Welcome to the Royal Armoured Corps Yacht Club

The RACYC is a club for all serving and retired officers and soldiers of Regular and Yeomanry RAC regiments. The clubs primary purpose is to provide the opportunity to develop our soldiers through sailing. This is done through facilitating adventurous sail training activity as well as encouraging private charter of our yacht for rest and recuperation.

For those soldiers that show aptitude on the water, the club runs a very active offshore racing programme with many of our top sailors going on to race for the Army. See the racing page for details of how to get involved!

The club owns a J109, Ajax, which is available for charter at very competitive rates. Contact the Yacht Manager for details

The News page provides a programme for Ajax, updated news and photos.

A summary of the sailing available to members can be found under Chartering

A condensed history of the Club can be found under History, along with some background on the Cups & Trophies.

The Members page includes a noticeboard and the "Bosun's Locker", which carries Club items for sale.

Details of committee members, maps and other information can be found under Contact.


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